Wednesday, 27 July 2011

My Journey So Far... (Part 1)

Good day beautiful people. Thank you for visiting my very first blog post. While I was at a photo shoot for Philips AVENT recently, I heard someone say "It's OK to start young", so I decided to start my own blog! Are there any other 10-month old bloggers out there?

Anyway, tomorrow, I would have been breathing the beautiful air on this beautiful world for exactly 10 months. Here's a recap of my journey so far...

On the 28th day of September, 2010, I was delivered into the beautiful arms of my beautiful mummy, whom I heard them refer to as "Amber Chia". I could not see much as my eyes were still getting used to the light. After 9 months of darkness, the beautiful sunlight was refreshing. I heard a lot of noises which confused me, there was laughter, crying, people talking frantically and even sighs. Apparently, they were all excited about my arrival. Does everyone get such a grand entrance into this beautiful world? Do we all arrive at this beautiful place as equals? Doesn't matter, I am going to cherish this moment and remember it for life.

Looking into my mummy's beautiful eyes for the first time.
One of the things I remember was a lady snipping the cord from my belly and putting it into a jar! I couldn't read the label on the jar, but heard them say something about "cord blood" storage & "stem cells".  Why would they want to keep my cord blood? Never mind, apparently it will help me in the future if I fall sick. I can't read yet, but if you can, you can read all about it at CellSafe International.

Apparently my mummy is a famous person and my arrival was hot news. The first person to come visit me was a lady called Stella, and she was the lady who helped my mummy get back into shape at S2 Slimming. I guess it worked, because my mummy was back into her normal clothes within a month. 

My first photo published by the press, with mummy Amber & aunty Stella.
Mummy's best friend also came to visit me, his name is Benjamin and apparently, he teaches people how to walk in high heels.
After spending 3 days in the hospital, I was more than ready to go back to my new home.

All groomed up and ready to go home.
The next couple of weeks were pretty mundane, I must have been exhausted from all the hoo-hah! All I wanted to do was sleep, eat and poop; oh boy, let me tell you, it is one super uncomfortable experience when diapers fill up too quickly. Thankfully, my mummy decided to switch to Huggies; I cannot even begin to tell you how much more comfortable they are. Very happy!

Perhaps, it was my dreams that were tiring me out! All I remember of my dreams were a lot of kicking and punching, but they always ended up putting a smile on my face...

My dreams were thrilling & action-packed...
but I always saved the day...
When I turned one month old, things started to get more exciting. I was able to belt out some words, but they rarely came out as I intended them to, I was able to control the movements of my limbs a little, make some gestures and play with some toys, I was especially pleased that I was able to cry on demand whenever I wanted some attention and needed some food. My mummy also took me for my first studio photo shoot and threw me a grand "full moon" party just to introduce me to lots of people!

I think the music I enjoy is what they call "hip-hop".
My first studio photo shoot with my mummy.
My full moon party with my mummy & papa.
My mummy also posted an entry about me on her blog at I love you very, very, much, mummy!

After my first month, I started to feel more restless and my body was starting to ache. They say it is because I was growing at a rapid rate. I guess so, coz I was waking up more often for my milk. Thankfully, we had invested in Philips AVENT's breast pumps & bottles, so my mummy did not have to wake up in the middle of the night and follow my erratic feeding schedule.

Anyway, here are some photos of my journey from my 2nd to 6th months...

I was discovering plenty of new things I could do, like blowing bubbles from my mouth!
Driving around in my car, but this car has no engine, so I have to use my legs!
Wrestling with Mr. Bubbles
Appearing on magazine covers with my mummy
Attending fun events with my mummy & papa. I'm really starting to enjoy these events, too.
Discovering that there is this day called Christmas, where everyone is so happy and carrying lots of bags filled with toys!
And, of course, experiencing music in a whole new way!
I must say, my first 6 months has been lots of fun, and being in this beautiful world has far exceeded my expectations, but wait till you hear about the journey of my 7th to 10th months...

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