Thursday, 8 September 2011

The Gentleman & My Tuxedo...

Hello beautiful people! I have a beautiful story to share with you today. Early last month my mummy took me to visit a gentleman, his name is Mr. Keith Kee. Mummy said Mr. Keith is one of her favorite designers and he is going to make me some very nice clothes. Mr. Keith's shop, Keith Kee Couture is a really fun place! All the people in there are really warm and friendly; and there is also an endless supply of sweets on his lounge table, but mummy won't let me have them, so I hid them in my fist until we got home!

The sweets are in my fist, but must pretend to show sad face.
Normally, when mummy takes me shopping, I just pick and choose the clothes that I like; but with Mr. Keith's clothes... must visit him 3 times before I get to wear my beautiful clothes! Mummy says because it is a special type of outfit called "tuxedo" that will make me look very handsome. What a funny name for an outfit. According to my papa, the word "tuxedo" came from the name of a country club in New York, called "Tuxedo Park Club" and the first "tuxedo" was tailored by "Savile Row"; because all the gentlemen from Tuxedo Park Club started wearing the "tuxedo" in public, people started associating the outfit with the club's name... interesting! Mr. Keith, I wonder if you can make an "ashton"!

The 1st visit - taking measurements for my tuxedo
The 2nd visit - the fitting of my tuxedo
Don't know why so many people were trying to hold me down for the fitting?!
All I wanted was a drink!
See! Looking good!
Very nice! Thank you very very much, Mr. Keith.
Such a handsome suit, can only wear to a handsome event! So, I wore it to the year's most glamourous event, Keith Kee Couture's 10th Anniversary Fashion Gala! The event was held on the 7th day of August at the Renaissance Hotel and it was FUN! There were so many people there and I had so much fun meeting all of them!

Mummy Amber is so pretty. I love you, mummy!
They even made a billboard for mummy Amber and me!
Congratulations, Mr. Keith & Uncle Ben, for 10 amazing years.
And here are some of the beautiful people that I met...

The main event of the night was of course the fashion show, and it was a blast!!! Mr. Keith's creations are so very very beautiful. Here are some photos if you don't believe me...

These 2 ladies, Chris Tong & Belinda Chee, were talking the whole night but they looked beautiful in Mr. Keith's gowns!
Ms. Wincci Soo has a beautiful voice, but her Keith Kee gown is even more beautiful!

Uncle Dramatic, Benjamin Toong!
And , of course, my mummy had to take me on the "runway" again. She says because it was a special day! It was Mr. Keith's 10th Anniversary and coincidentally, I was also 10 months and 10 days old exactly on that day!!! Besides, I had to show off my beautiful "tuxedo" or "ashton" as I like to call it!

Over 100 outfits were paraded in the fashion show. Mr. Keith must be a very hard-working gentleman. I guess, that's why after 10 years, he is still going strong. I have a lot to learn! At 10 months, I am already feeling lazy...

Congratulations! Congratulations! Congratulations!
All the beautiful models in Mr. Keith's beautiful creations!
 Mr. Keith, thank you for showing me that beautiful things are created with passion and hard-work. Congratulations once again, and I look forward to your next beautiful creation, the "ashton"...

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

My "Wise" New Toys

Hello beautiful people! Thank you for dropping by. It has been more than a week since my first blog post and I am very happy to have met so many people. Please leave me a comment if you can, I would really like to hear from you. I have also started a Facebook page at, if you also have Facebook, we can get to know each other better there. Also, please follow my blog, so next time I post a new blog post, you will know. Thank you. See you soon.

Last week, I received some very interesting toys. A nice man called Mr. Babywise came to my house and brought me some nice toys, but what was funny was that some of the toys were made from my "hair". Yes, my hair! Apparently it is worth a lot of money, because my aunty told me that these toys can buy me even more new toys!!! But, mummy, because I love you, if you need to buy new clothes, you can have my hair.

Mr. Babywise shaving my head when I was 3 months old. Sigh! My precious hair, there goes all my toys!
Mr. Babywise brought me 4 new toys to play with. Thank you very, very much.
Two of the toys were made with my hair. Actually, one was a pendant with my hair in it, so I can wear it and look "handsome" when I go out, but I found that everyone who saw it was more curious about how my hair got into the pendant. Everyone kept asking about it, so I just told them to ask Mr. Babywise!

This is the pendant with my hair in it! 
"Handsome" or not?
The second toy made with my hair is a paint brush, which I was quite excited about because I thought mummy was going to teach me how to paint... but she won't let me take it out of the case that they sealed it in. She said this is a special Chinese calligraphy brush that can never be taken out of the frame. Toys that cannot be played with! Sigh! I am still confused.

This is the cool calligraphy brush made from my hair, but not so cool coz can see but cannot touch!
When Mr. Babywise came to take my hair, he also brought a photographer with him and they took lots of pictures of me and my mummy. They made a book out of all our photos and it is really nice. Thank you, Mr. Photographer. I guess this photo book is more a gift for my mummy & daddy so they can see me whenever they want, coz, for me, I just look in the mirror if I want to see myself!

See.. I have my own book!
Here are some other photos from the photo book...

I prefer my cot! This bed is so uncomfortable!
They kept yelling funny things at me to look at the camera, so I gave them a funny look!
Mummy, get that camera off my butt!
Mummy, Daddy & Ashton!
Haha, now for my favorite toy, the "tiger" statue! Now, this toy, I can play with. It comes in a nice red box and has my name (Chinese) on it, so no one else can take it from me. Mr. Babywise said, just in case, people don't recognize my Chinese name (黃瑾威 - Wong Jin Way), he also put my umbilical cord into the statue, so it is 100% pure Ashton! Haha!

My favorite toy - Ashton's "Tiger" chop!
Having fun with my new toys from Babywise. Thank you very, very much, Mr. Babywise.
 Well, after Mr. Babywise left, my mummy and daddy were looking at my new toys and they looked so happy, always smiling at my toys. They said they were proud of me and they will cherish these toys forever, and so should I. I guess they are beautiful toys, especially my "tiger" chop, perhaps when I grow up I will learn how to play with the other ones. For now, I am just happy that nice people like Mr. Babywise comes and visit me, and when they bring toys, that's a bonus.

Thank you again very, very much Mr. Babywise!

If you want Mr. Babywise to come and visit you, you can call him at +603-5635-3500 or email him at He also has a very nice website at